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  1. joaosavioli

    Global .htaccess

    Hi, I have a global .htaccess in /home/.htaccess, and it was working until today. Sudely the file don't work in global /home/ or local user /home/user/.htaccess. It works only in user public_html folder (/home/user/public_html/.htaccess). How can I make it works again in a global location...
  2. S

    Failed to open .htaccess for writing

    Whenever I try to protect a directory, I get this error: Error: There was a problem creating the sub-domain. Htaccess::set_protect failed: Failed to open .htaccess for writing.
  3. M

    can't view or modify .htaccess file

    Hi there! Since few days i can not view or open the .htaccess file in the public_html folder of my site. I receive a warning : Error HTTP 401. Security Token not valid ... and so on Anyone can help ? Thanks in advance ! Matteo
  4. V

    Account transfer .htaccess file cannot moved

    Hello there After making an update to version 74.0.9, the .htaccess file is not moved in the transfers I made with the transfer tool. In my review, there is no problem with inherit php selected accounts, but the .htaccess file of selected sites in php version cannot be transferred.
  5. A

    .htaccess is ignored by the server

    Hi, After applying latest updates on my VPS hosted on bluehost.com using WHM "CENTOS 6.10 kvm [server] v72.0.10" and using EasyApache 4 to install Contains Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, and Ruby 2.4. My website "Created using Vbulletin" was working properly before applying...
  6. M

    SOLVED Subdomain displays /public how to remove?

    Hello Everyone, I am quite new to C-panel, so bare me if its quite a simple problem. I have created a subdomain say xyz.domain.com and redirected it to my AWS elasticbeanstalk DNS . Now when hit for my subdomain "xyz.domain.com" it shows "xyz.domain.com/public/" I want it to be like...
  7. R

    chown .htaccess files in public_html?

    Hi, We are trying to upgrade our hosted sites to php7.2 but for some reason around 50% of .htaccess files in public_html have the user set to root:root. Is there a way to update all .htaccess within all user accounts to their correct user account please?
  8. spaceman

    .htaccess is being overwritten by version control. Solutions to prevent this?

    Hi. For the second time in a month or so, a client of ours has reported that the URL redirects he setup in cPanel have disappeared. The answer: both times we patched the (Drupal) site using version control, and this caused the .htaccess file to get overwritten. The challenge here is that...
  9. V

    Enabling Temporary Links and .htaccess Rewrite Rules

    Good afternoon everyone, I have just purchased a VPS as I am a Freelance Website Developer and plan to grow in the next year or so; hence the upgrade as I need stability. I use a bespoke PHP content management system which uses several Rewrite Rules via .htaccess and since migration I cannot...
  10. K

    Basic .htaccess Question

    I've played with .htaccess before but not to this level. We have a site still in development, when complete. I need to restrict the site so it can only be accessed by 4 IP's at least for now. That part I have found on my own. Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow From (Do I need this...
  11. Sujoy Dhar

    Bulk Overwrite .htaccess file in all user accounts?

    Hi , I have a got a nice idea about the .htaccess file optimization but I am unable to proceed. I have one file .htaccess in my server's root location but I want to copy or replace to all the cpanel user's home location i.e home/user/.htaccess If Any body have the solution I will be too happy...
  12. C

    .htaccess for opencart issues

    Good evening, since our passage in protocol ssl / https on some of our sites, we record decreases in connections. If people want to check our .htaccess for error or optimization # 1.To use URL Alias you need to be running apache with mod_rewrite enabled. # 2. In your opencart directory rename...
  13. nitaish

    .htaccess issue in cPanel

    In one of the VPS, we have cPanel v66.0.17. We have set domain redirection for a domain via .htaccess. However, the domain does not redirect any longer. It used to work properly earlier. We haven't made any changes in the server. Is it a bug with this cPanel version?
  14. D

    .htaccess search optimization in cPanel & WHM version 66

    When I logged into WHM 66.0.17, the feature showcase showed: .htaccess Optimization The .htaccess Optimization feature reduces the paths Apache will check for “.htaccess” files to the user’s home directory, which can significantly boost server performance. The Release Notes for version 66...
  15. joaosavioli

    SOLVED .htaccess doesn't work in subdomains after last update

    Hello, I can see that all .htaccess of subdomains don´t work after last update. I have two server with cpanel and both are with this problem. Could you help me? Best regards Joao
  16. S

    .htaccess Optimization and Optimize Website

    Regarding the new .htaccess Optimization feature, if this is set to DocumentRoot doesn't this interfere with the Optimize Website feature in users cPanels? The Optimize Website (mod_deflate) adds a .htaccess file into the user's home directory. If AllowOverride is only permitted into...
  17. X

    cPanel update broke .htaccess

    Some sort of cpanel update happened last night. The data center does not think it was a version change, just some sort of automatic update?? We are using cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 31) the update broke all sites. everyone is seeing this: 403 Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on...
  18. T

    Can't access php file with .htaccess RewriteEngine

    Hello, I changed my host a week ago. And my .htaccess file didn't worked after that. My problem is; i can't access in .htaccess php file parent directory with RewriteEngine because of it's subdomain or addon domain directory. There is no problem when i created and accessing any php file in...
  19. C

    Moving .htaccess to httpd.conf Issue

    Currently I am in the process of moving my .htaccess data into include files for my server, I have one domain, one account on the server. using this Modify Apache Virtual Hosts with Include Files - EasyApache 4 - cPanel Documentation I created a file...
  20. J

    mod_expires setting in .htaccess not working

    It appears mod_expires setting in .htaccess are not working despite EasyApache 4 config shows mod_expires is installed? GtMetrix and Google Pagespeed tests are both showing expiration of 1 day for jpeg images for example despite these settings in public_html/.htaccess ## EXPIRES CACHING ##...