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  1. J

    SOLVED Mod rewrite (.htaccess) not working anymore

    After all updates last night and the latest builds my mod rewrite in Joomla using .htaccess don't work anymore, how can this be possible?
  2. E

    SOLVED Issue with .htaccess files and Wordpress

    I used the Directory Privacy on cPanel to password protect a sub-folder on the server. I understands it creates a .htaccess file for that folder. However in the sub-folder I have a created a separate HTML website, that without the Privacy on, displays fine. But when I add the privacy, it...
  3. M

    php script to write to .htaccess file as root or user

    hello everyone! I'm trying to write to a .htaccess of my clients with a php script, so i tried fopen and fwrite but its failing to open the .htaccess on another server/domain but it's only working on the server that contains the script. Is there any way i can achieve this as a root administrator...
  4. T

    Editing the .htaccess file and uncomment the RewriteBase rule

    Hello All, If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. I have been up all night trying to crack this code. I just installed an Affiliate Management Program ( ) on my domain directory - Removed - Every installed ok; however when I try to view now, it's just blank.. no error code...
  5. R

    Overrule .htaccess regeneration

    Hello! I have acces to root admin of a webserver, but this is the first time I log in a WHM panel. I also must say my knowledge about Linux is poor, and anyway I don't have access to it. These are the versions of the software installed. CENTOS 6.7 x86_64 kvm – ns3 WHM 54.0 (build 21) The...
  6. brianjking

    .htaccess authentication via domains email account usernames & passwords

    Hello, I have an issue that I'm trying to sort in a relatively easy way. I hope my explanation below is helpful! site.com Main company website Employee email accounts training-for-site.com Static MkDocs/Sphinx built documentation/training materials (html/css files) that are private for...
  7. G

    .htaccess authentication problem, it is not asking for password due to a RewriteRule

    In a site I have enabled .htaccess authentication. It worked fine in Plesk, and it is working fine in a debian server test site (it has no control panel). But in cPanel this directive of .htaccess RewriteRule .* index.php [L] For some reason disable the authentication, at least for the root...
  8. C

    Configuring .htaccess for url redirection

    Hello to everyone, I need to hardcode into .htaccess the following and I would like to ask if someone can help me: When a user requests the following URL: http://www.mysite.com/click/redir.php?link=77 I'd like it .htaccess to redirect it to this URL...
  9. M

    301 Redirect http to https .htaccess code needed urgently

    Hi all, Ive had a very basic website for a friend on aso for years. Now I wish to move my own website to a startup business package. However, this package applies https to every page and all my google links are http, ive been searching for hours to find a pre written code for how to...
  10. B

    500 Internal server error after deleting .htaccess file.

    Hi friends, I have accidently deleted my .htacces file in cpanel and didn't know how to recover it. :D It caused to the 500 Internal Server Error. I have tried some ways but didn't work. :confused: Someone can give me a hand, please! :)
  11. T

    Editing .htaccess to use PHP inside of HTML?

    If you can help me with this, you'll be a lifesaver. I have tried all kinds of code to no avail. I'm running apache 2.5 The PHP version is PHP native. I need to edit .htaccess to run my PHP inside of my HTML homepage (index.html). I have tried AddHandler and FCGIwrapper, also...
  12. B

    [Case 109441] Changes to account suspensions with .htaccess

    In some very recent version of cPanel a change was made in how accounts are suspended. The suspension process now modifies httpd.conf in-place to include a suspension config for the user's virtual hosts, rather than updating their .htaccess file(s) separately. This is causing very...
  13. M

    using .htaccess to log visitors refereer & ip

    I've tired searching on the web so i posted this question here i have an file called extra.jpg and i want to log visitors ip with referrer using .htaccess it's possible on Apache ? or should i use something other ? Currently I'm using Apache with CentOs Operating system 6 and...
  14. D

    .htaccess redirect to new website url's

    Hi everyone! I used Screaming Frog to find out my website url structure an it shows that I have 3 urls basically leading to same place. These are: /http://domain.tld/ /http://www.domain.tld/ /http://domain.tld/index.php?l=HR I made completely new website and would like to keep SEO from old...
  15. G

    .htaccess redirect

    I want to do a .htaccess redirect from https to http and from non www to www, can anyone help me with the correct code?
  16. D

    .htaccess file does't work for the new cPanel hosting.

    I just moved my website from a old classic Godaddy Linux hosting to a new cPanel one. There's a problem: The .htacess file does't work for the cPanel hosting (it works well for the classic hosting). I use the .htaccess file to redirect people with Chinese browsers to another URL (google.com)...
  17. W

    .htaccess noob

    this is in .htaccess file RewriteEngine On RewriteRule component/content/article/([0-9]+)/?$ index.php?p=$1 [L] it is not working what do I need to do?
  18. R

    .htaccess Issue

    Please forgive me if this question has been asked, but I cant seem to find a correct answer.... My scenario is I have a VPS with WHM access, I have two cpanel accounts the first is my main website and it is working perfectly with opencart. The second is a new website with Valina forums...
  19. M

    .htaccess leads to 500 error

    .htaccess starts like this: RewriteEngine On RewriteRule log files read liek this: [Sun Feb 02 20:30:20 2014] [alert] [client someIP] /home/somename/public_html/somename/.htaccess: Invalid command '\fgfgf\xghb\xgfRewriteEngine', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included...
  20. P

    .htaccess question

    Here is a dilemma that has not been solved to my knowledge. Problem occurs with shared hosting when numerous domains exist and you add some code in htaccess of the root directory to forward all mobile users to a mobile site.... m.mysite.com. Once that htaccess has the code then all of the...