1. H


    Hi guys, After last cpanel update I keep getting these for several of my domains on VPS: User:username_goes_here PID:29195 PPID:29194 Run Time:7(secs) Memory:150112(kb) RSS:2708(kb) exe:/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/webalizer/bin/english cmd:/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/webalizer/bin/english -N 10...
  2. M

    Webalizer not appear in cPanel

    Hi, I enabled Webalizer in enduser's cPanel: attached img1.png But not appear in cPanel: attached img2.png And Webalizer FTP not is in functions: attached img3.png How can i solve this problems?, the server is new, i installed WHM/cPanel some days ago. Thank you very much.
  3. J

    Reports of website visits are fake, metrics, webalizer, visitors, awstats, all reports show false results.

    Reports of website visits are fake, metrics, webalizer, visitors, awstats, all reports show false results. In my hosting of my website, in cpanel, I have the metrics that show the visit reports on my website, but I left the website with the hosting suspended, off the internet, for 30 days, the...
  4. wingtip

    Webalizer stats decreased greater after moving site to HTTPS

    I noticed when looking at Webalizer States for on of my main sites, that the "Hits", "Files", Pages" states fell drastically in May (It is not September 2019). In trying to figure out what might be going on, I realized that May is when I converted my site from HTTP to HTTPS. Would I be correct...
  5. S

    Disabled Webalizer Stats Issue

    I disabled webalizer stats in WHM Tweak Settings with "Enable Webalizer stats". I turned it off. cPanel did this: Updating your system to reflect any changes... Updating “Bandwidth usage warning: 80%” from “On” to “Off”. “Bandwidth usage warning: 80%” was updated. Updating “Enable Webalizer...
  6. B

    Webalizer and Awstats are not Recording Stats

    Hi! :) Webalizer, and Awstats didn't log anything in September except for a couple, seemingly random, days. They recorded on the 8th, 9th, 13th, 14th, 18th, and the 30th. Webalizer, and Awstats also started recording again on the same days. This is my server setup, and I'm the root...
  7. R

    SOLVED There are no domains which have * to display. AWStats, Webalizer, Visitors, etc

    Hello! Sorry if this is in the wrong location, but it seems to be where similar threads are located that I've found on Google. I've created my 34th account on my server with cPanel, which is only important as this is the only account that encounters this error. Visitors, Webalizer Stats, and...
  8. H

    Webalizer and AWstats Stopped Functioning

    AW Stats and Webalizer worked for my domain up until the middle of the day on May 8th, at which point everything dropped to zero as if the site vanished from the server. in WHM: Home »Server Configuration »Statistics Software Configuration, The error message below shows up in red: "The...
  9. D

    SOLVED Sin webalizer

    Hola: Estoy usando la versión 64 de cPanel, pero ahora no encuentro webalizer. No está en ninguna parte. Inicié buscando en /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin. Tengo otro servidor corriendo la misma versión, y ahí si se encuentra el ejecutable de webalizer. Cómo puedo reinstalar webalizer que...
  10. Z

    How to enable Webalizer stats?

    Dear All , please can you help me in understand how to activate webalizer on my server . I do have many domain and want just a general view of the visits to the server and possibly a specific one to any site if not too tricky to set it up. Please help needd :-) . Hugs K
  11. R

    Webalizer HTTP logs not updating for 2015 year

    Hi all An interesting issue, we've had webalizer HTTP logs working for all our cpanel customers for quite some time now, but since the start of the year the January 2015 log has not been updated I've manually ran this script to confirm no issues (omitted some details for domain)...
  12. P

    Webalizer from URL

    I am trying to get stats from a URL without having a customer log in every time. (I will may it password protected, so don't jump on me about that!) Here is what I did: 1. cd /home/username/www or cd /home/username/public_html 2. ln -s ../tmp/webalizer stats 3. chown username.username...
  13. N

    Webalizer Stats problem

    Hi guys , I actived Webalizer Stats at cpanel in choose log programs but when I go to Webalizer it says "There are no domains which have Webalizer stats to display." How can I fix this ?
  14. A

    How can i globaly disable Analog or Awstats or Webalizer ?

    Hi How can i globaly disable Analog or Awstats or Webalizer ? Thanks
  15. V

    Awstats and Webalizer show zero for visits and pages

    Hello, The awstat and weblizer are showing zero for visits and pages on all accounts on the server as I checked. I'm using NGINX with the Apache and CentOS linux. WHM 11.38.2 (build 12). I've the same configuration on other servers and they work normal. I did run...
  16. N

    cpanellogd apparently not running webalizer for web stats for some domains

    Hi, First, I do apologize for posting about a webalizer problem as I've seem many topics about similar problems. I've searched all over the forums but none of the other topics gave me a clue to solve my issue. Apparently cpanellogd is not running webalizer for some of my domains. All of...
  17. R

    Unresolved/Unknown (100%) - webalizer

    Hello, I have migrated some domains (cpanel accounts) from server to server one month back. But in Webalizer, ‘usage by country’ and ‘Total countries’ sections are not showing correct records for the migrated domains. It shows Unresolved/Unknown (100%) It works perfectly for all the...
  18. L

    Webalizer showing logs from years past..

    So I've updated the CONF file to include data from 6 years. However it's only showing data starting from January of this year. I want it to show ALL the previous years as well. I see all the old stats files in the directory, however when I open the index.html page the graph only shows data from...
  19. V

    webalizer shows only two month of stats

    Hello, The webalizer on all accounts of the server shows recent two months statistics and not 12 month that existed before this problem. The stat files are exist in /tmp/webalizer but from the cpanel menus it cant show them. How can I solve this problem?
  20. C

    Webalizer Stats

    OK so I followed a tutorial a few months ago to enable webalizer stats to be available in /stats This worked however I think it was just a one off as the stats do not update and unless you go to: domain/stats/index.html it doesn't work. So I basically need to make the stats viewable in...