1. techAMIGO

    SafeAdmin Certified TechAmigo|server management|24/7 monitoring|outsourcing |whitelabel|Cloud Support

    TechAmigo - Server management | 24/7 monitoring | outsourcing | Whitelabel support (Nelux Technologies Pvt Ltd) Do you tired of escalations, Long waiting time, and multiple agents fixing issues every time. You will definitely have a Good Start with us! Techamigo is an IT solutions...
  2. Ashstyles

    how would I change my hosting provider?

    Hi, I hope you all are doing good. I want to change my hosting provider of my existing domain. My hosting will be expired in next month, Is it possible to change a hosting provider? If it is possible then kindly guide me how could I do this? I am waiting for great responses. Thanks
  3. C

    The 2017 cPanel® Conference announces evening events, conference schedule, and extends 50%-off early

    Houston, Texas – June, 2017 – cPanel, Inc., the Hosting Platform of Choice, is excited to announce evening events for its 2017 cPanel Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 26th and 27th. All three evening events are included in the cost of an attendee ticket. Monday night we kick...
  4. J

    SOLVED Configure cPanel for non webhosting company

    Hi cPanel Forums, My company currently internally hosts 60+ PHP internally facing websites in 4 different environments. All of these are subdomains as in foo.internal-company-hosting.net, bar.internal-company-hosting.net, baz.internal-company-hosting.net. And as we are in the process of...
  5. Y

    Managing multiple webhosting accounts remotely

    Hi, i have a question, i hope someone can answer me. I am managing a lot of different cpanel hosting accounts from diffferent hosting providers all over the world. (150+) What i would like to know: 1. Is it possible to connect to normal customer cpanel accounts remotely with some kind of api...
  6. I

    Billing software for webhosting

    Hy Im new in web hosting so i want to know whick billing software you use? I will sell shared hosting,VPS,dedicated servers and domains... Thank you
  7. I

    Making Webhosting site

    Hy I want to make web hosting website where customers can order domains,vps and hosting packages. But the problem is that i dont know on what platform i could make this. Wordpress,joomla,HTML ? Please help me. Thank you
  8. K

    webhosting on multiple servers.

    hi i currently own a france server with cpanel/whm setup for webhosting and now i own an another USA server location interfearance with whmcs. my question should i install new cpanel/whm with new license on this USA server and how do i setup dns with this new server? or any other ways used such...
  9. A

    How to install Python in my cPanel Webhosting?

    Hello I have recently bought a reseller plan of webhosting with Cpanel installed. But the problem is i want to run a thing which requires Python to run,and I am a beginner to Cpanel tool and don't know how to install Python in my hosting. Please,I will be glad if you people can help me step...
  10. D

    Help with webhosting.

    I am new to this and I was making a website with iWeb on my Macbook Pro and was wondering is Cpanel compatible with iWeb?
  11. M

    webhosting request

    hi i am a newbie here, I want to know where in this forum can i request for either pay or free cpanel webhosting service? thx:)
  12. natong

    WHM can transfer 100GB data space to another webhosting ?

    I would like to ask about site to site transfer between web hosting companies. If my account has 100GB data but the space left on the harddisk is only 5GB, Can we transfer the account ?
  13. Host1Plus

    Weird webhosting reviews .org

    Hi guys, I was just browsing around and found interesting things. Maybe you will be able to answer me this. Most of web hosting companies have weird review blog which begings with [hosting_company_name] ends with [review.org]. I thought to myself maybe it is some king of agency which works...
  14. F

    Ram usage and Webhosting

    I'm intrested in ram usage of cpanel.. Htop says me that currently all proceces (thats 91) needs 325 RAM (without caching).. I'm runnung ASSP Deluxe that needs 45 MB of my RAM. I have 2 GB RAM totally and a Intel Dou Core E5200 Processor 2,5 Ghz. How much Customers should i host...
  15. A

    can't add webhosting accounts to cpanel.why? :(

    Hi, I've just got cpanel demo and I can't add new hoting accounts. is this a cpanel problem? thanks very much in advance. cheers, Alex
  16. R

    3rd Party File Manager for webhosting

    I was wondering if I could use a 3rd party file manager in replace of the file manager in cpanel. If so, what would be the web address I need to connect too. Thanks,
  17. G

    New in webhosting

    First, I just want to understand the role of the three entities that I'm registered with, concerning webhosting. I signed up with enic to get my domain name. This I'm clear about. They in turn told me to sign up with a webhosting company, and I did with arkweb. And it's been a month since...
  18. G

    Starting a webhosting company

    I was wondering what the process is to starting a webhosting company... I've been doing resellers for a while but want to move into my own server ect... What is the progress for setting up a company... and does cpanel automatically set up the nameservers for the domain you purchased when you...
  19. G

    Review: Galaxy Webhosting - Feedback needed

    Please review Galaxy Webhosting, please don't critisize, i would like to know your general thoughts about the website, layout, services etc, if you think somethings not good please explain what i could do to fix it, most people on these forums only critisize but don't say what should be done to...
  20. R

    Automaticly create webhosting accounts

    Hey is there a script that can automaticly create webhosting accounts for my clients? Lets say client1 buy's webhosting pakage 1, the system has to make an account for him and e-mail his loggin stuff. It also has to inform me ofcourse ;) Is there such an script?