1. T

    SOLVED Websites down after enabling ".htaccess Optimization" feature in cPanel 66

    Overnight my server upgraded to V66.0.5.. When I logged in early this morning a few new "Recommended Features/Options" were presented to me. Bleary-eyed and pre-coffee, I opted to use all of the new recommended features and immediately 90% of all the sites on the server died with "You don't...
  2. C

    The 2017 cPanel® Conference announces evening events, conference schedule, and extends 50%-off early

    Houston, Texas – June, 2017 – cPanel, Inc., the Hosting Platform of Choice, is excited to announce evening events for its 2017 cPanel Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 26th and 27th. All three evening events are included in the cost of an attendee ticket. Monday night we kick...
  3. S

    Problem with sessions on websites

    Hello, I have problems with the session php to all my clients, nobody can login to your website admin or user panel When they try to log in, the login panel is returned without throwing erroneous user or password, it just does nothing!
  4. J

    SOLVED members of an ISP (KPN) have issues viewing websites on my server

    It appears that a select group of people cannot view the websites on my server anymore. It happens only to users that have a certain ISP (KPN). It is a very strange issue for me and also everybody that gets involved in it. TransIP helpdesk said it could be that I have blocked a whole IP range...
  5. A

    Websites not visible on godaddy

    Hi team, joined this forum for the first time as i did not get any information outside and googling forever. http://XXXXX:2087/json-api/listaccts is hitting HTTP 403 forbidden error suddenly and as a result i cant see any of my websites @godaddy server page CPANEL TAB. But all the cpanel's...
  6. G

    Inaccessible Websites

    After upgrade to 64.x.x branch (same for 64.0.3) one-one website on 2 of our servers has stopped to work, inaccessible from outside. I've tried the /tmp solution; also ran the above commands, none of them helped (tried to disable modsecurity etc. still the same problems). On both problematic...
  7. T

    403 Forbidden Error On All Websites

    Hello support, I urgently need to have this fixed as quickly as possible. Just a couple of hours ago I noticed that my WordPress site no longer opens, it keeps showing 403 forbidden error access denied on this server. The root site is denied access so is my wp admin. I thought it was just this...
  8. M

    SOLVED Websites not loading on Opera mini

    Not clear whether this is a cPanel issue but we have a server running cPanel and all websites hosted on it cannot load in mobile browser, esp. Opera Mini. We have checked and ensured relevant IP addresses are not blocked but still we can't get sites on the server to load in mobile. Any idea?
  9. R

    Multiple websites on single account question

    hello, I am facing a unusual problem after searching my products on google search engine. Background: I have my Linux VPS hosting with cpanel and WHM. my websites assume so I wanted to host another website/domain on the same server assume, for this i created Addon...
  10. W

    All websites down and only KVM access

    Hi, my vps stopped working, all the websites are down. I can't connect using a ssh or ftp. I can connect to the VPS only with Kvm. What can be the problem? Can I restore the WHM backup using KVM terminal? How can I access logs error using centos terminal?
  11. psytanium

    Synchronize 2 websites (1 direction A to B)

    Hi, and are located on the same vps server. I'm trying to make website2 look the same as website 1 with only 1 difference, another logo. is there a way to do it from cpanel tools or WHM ? thanks
  12. Arvy

    Different IP for websites

    Hi there! I had a DDoS issue last days and I've ordered a DDoS filtered IP. Now I need to use the original IP to all services but new the new IP only for websites. I know that I'll have to change DNS zones. But I need to know how to do this in cPanel to create the VirtualHost entries using only...
  13. R

    PHP Websites unresponsive after 2-3 Hours?

    Hi Guys! I recently ran into a problem that is very annoying: I own a dedicated server with the specs below in this thread, I installed cPanel/WHM and didn't install or modify anything server based (only some normal easyapache configs) The problem is: -All my PHP websites are unresponsive...
  14. I

    how to install cpanel port number to the websites

    my site is actually i want get direct access to the cPanel by entering the port number beside like can any one suggest me how to get like this
  15. D

    Using Multiple websites - and one IP for all using ~username

    Hi all, I've been trying to set up my server for sometime now, I have WHM set up and I have created the following (user1) (user2) I wish to use the web address for all accounts as per this, /http://ip_address/~user1/ however, I can access user1 no...
  16. postcd

    cPanel and websites are not accessible, SSH is

    Hello, on my cpanel VPS the cPanel/WHM control panel and websites are not accessible after VPS start before start, the VPS got suspended because of "266094 pps during 5 second interval" here is the attack connections details: ipv4 2 tcp 6 63 TIME_WAIT src= dst=
  17. K

    Moving selected websites from one hosting provider to another

    Hi, I have hosting in Bigrock and want to move my whole websites or selected websites to WHB. WHB has a service for this. But they are moving/ copying the entire CPanel. In Bigrock only two addon domains and websites are allowed but in WHB hosting addons domains and unlimited. When WHB moved the...
  18. C

    All websites down, apache down.

    Hi Folks, Suddenly, our apache went down (we're using VPS), when I check the apache status, see response below: Apache server status for Failed to receive status information from Apache. Unable to connect to local httpd server. And when I restart apache service...
  19. M

    Viewing suspended websites

    Is there a way that you can "view" a suspended sites webpages ? We have a user who's site we suspended. And they have addon sites. When you suspend a site, the suspended page comes up. Is there a way you can view those other sites, with out unsuspending the main domain? Or do you have...
  20. D

    How to deny directory listing for websites?

    Where is the proper place to deny directory listing globally? I have looked through the GUI for WHM and found nothing to deny directory listings for websites. Am I over looking it? I have also looked through the httpd.conf and not sure if I should edit that file or not. Give me your...