1. T


    What are all the subdomain and addon websites available in Support Ticket Number:
  2. equens

    Reverse IP: Web server hosts 2 websites

    Reverse IP: Web server hosts XX websites Why all the people can know how many domains do I have in my server? Is this a cpanel's bug? Try and you will see it!!! Best Regards, Equens. Support Ticket Number:
  3. B

    Can you limit features that websites can have?

    Can you limit features that users/websites on your server are allowed to have? In other words, say I don't want a website to be able to have a bulletin board, can I disable it so they can't install it? Or say I don't want a user to be able to use CGI or PHP, can I disable it for the account? Or...
  4. N

    backup multiple websites

    Hello, I have several website with individual cpanel and one whm. I understand that CPANEL can backup with one click function for my files and database. But is there anyway that I can backup all my websites at one go instead of backing up individually? I don't have root access and...