1. I

    SOLVED How to transfer tool via whmapi1 but to disable Live Transfer

    Hello, As per in these docs: Transfer Tool | cPanel & WHM Documentation and Guide to Transfer and Restore API Functions - Create the Transfer Session and Create remote server transfer session, I see I can create remote transfer session, but these are my questions or issues that I didn't find in...
  2. R

    SOLVED CPANEL-42639 - whmapi1 installssl problem

    Is there any changes related to whmapi1 installssl? I suspect after cPanel update to v110 it starts failing with different errors like: "This certificate cannot be parsed (Invalid base64: must be a multiple of 4 in length.\n). It may be corrupt or in an unrecognized format." "statusmsg" : "You...
  3. R

    In Progress CPANEL-41840 - Document fwdemail in set_default_address can take multiple addresses

    The fwdemail parameter of set_default_address API function can take comma-separated list of addresses to forward emails as default to. https://api.docs.cpanel.net/openapi/cpanel/operation/set_default_address/ fwdemail string <email> The email address to which the system forwards messages...
  4. manoaratefy

    Something quick than whmapi1 modifyacct to update contact email

    Good morning, I'm looking something better than WHMAPI1 in the CLI to update an user's contact email. Currently, with the command "whmapi1 modifyacct user=XXXXXX [email protected]", it takes more than 60s to update an account. Manually updating the contact email within the WHM web...
  5. G

    SOLVED CPANEL-40481 - Issue using whmapi1 CLI to reset password

    When using WHM API1 via CLI , if the user's password begins with @ , your system throws up the following error. [root@server ~]# whmapi1 --output=jsonpretty passwd user='user' password="@samudra123" Cpanel::Exception::IO::FileNotFound/(XID zjsfdw) The system cannot find a file named...
  6. P

    whmapi1 create_remote_user_transfer_session missing username?

    Hi Guys, I have a case where I need to transfer about 100 accounts but I only have cPanel logins to all of them. So I looked at WHM API 1 Functions - create_remote_user_transfer_session - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation Has anyone used it before? One thing that stands out to me...
  7. gryzli

    Misleading documentation for whmapi1 modifyacct

    Hi guys, I didn't find any other place to report that, that's why I'm doing it here. The documentation for whmap1->modifyacct is misleading, regarding changing the main domain for an account. Link: Update cPanel account · cPanel & WHM Developer Portal In the doc it says one must use the...
  8. Ramon Pego

    WHM API createacct function is notifying twice when successfully create an account

    Hello we are here starting to use the WHM API on our systems to facilitate some services I noticed that when creating an account through the API the server is notifying me twice with the same email. Not that this is a problem for us, but it is not a behavior expected by the API
  9. V

    Reading the whmapi1 Output in PHP

    whmapi1 set_tweaksetting key=phploader value=ioncube,sourceguardian --- metadata: command: set_tweaksetting reason: OK result: 1 version: 1 I need to read the output via PHP to do an if or else statement How to read this ?
  10. C

    In Progress [CPANEL-32041] cpanel api oddities

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out what is going on here. There seems to be inconsistent data returned when calling this api and passing different values for the below examples, Output 1 is different for Output 2. The has_backup changes when showing different wants. Additionally, I don't know...
  11. jmginer

    In Progress [CPANEL-24040] Using whmapi1 set_service_config_key with Apache

    Hello, I run this command: whmapi1 set_service_config_key api.version=1 service=apache key=startservers value=10 The result resturn OK --- metadata: command: set_service_config_key reason: Succeeded result: 1 version: 1 But nothing's changed when I connect to the WHM > Apache >...
  12. E

    Getting Backup diskspace value

    Good Day happy people. Please I have been trying to get the server backup-disk space from a cpanel account with the below php code, but I keep getting error: code: $df = disk_free_space("/backup"); echo $df; Error: PHP Warning: disk_free_space(): No such file or directory in...
  13. 3

    SOLVED cPanel API Response: You do not have permission to create sessions for the user

    Hello Guys, As I am a learner. This forum help me a lot to learn new things and settings of cPanel/WHM. I have another issue with cPnael API in WHMCS. I contacted them about the error. But they told me all the settings are okay, and I should contact to cPanel support. Actually I am migrating...
  14. D

    WHMAPI1 Configure remote service IPs?

    Hello, Is there a function in WHMAPI1 (or WHMAPI0) that allows a reseller (given appropriate permissions) to add additional IPs to ips.remotedns? We need to export this capability so that a reseller can allow their customers to create addon domains on their own nameservers, however we will not...
  15. R

    API Shell and API version

    Greetings - I'm excited to have discovered the WHM API, but I'm a bit stuck. This video:explains how to use the API shell. As instructed, I activated the option in tweaks and here is what I get: * Logged in to a cPanel account as WHM admin, I do not have the API Shell link under...
  16. J

    SOLVED Listpkgs returning absolutely nothing.

    Hi, I recently ordered a reseller account, however when I am using the WHM API to list all packages on the system (https://removed.tld:2087/cpsess**********/json-api/listpkgs) it returns the following: {"package":[]} Thus meaning that WHM cannot find any packages when I have most definitely...
  17. W

    API Deprecation Question

    Hi, I've got a question regarding the deprecation of API's. I've developed a script which allows the automation of backups for resellers, it currently uses WHM API 1 to list accounts and cPanel API 1 to run the backup. I noticed pretty quickly when you released new functions within the UAPI to...
  18. D

    List Subdomains from Shell

    I'm looking for a way to generate a list of subdomains in the shell, similar to Account Information > List Subdomains in the interface. Usually I do something like cat /etc/domainusers which is great, but doesn't list out these subdomains. I have like 2000 domains that need to be pruned from...
  19. R

    Filtering automatic login to WHM from WHMCS

    Hello. I've a WHMCS install, which manages two different cPanel servers. My "reseller users" may login to WHM: directly, accessing the cPanel server WHM interface, using username + password + 2FA or from their own WHMCS account (simply clicking on "login to WHM"), without the need to use...
  20. D

    SOLVED whmapi1 emailtrack_user_stats showing very high numbers in v76.0.5-6

    Hi, I wrote my own little spam tracking script based on data from "whmapi1 emailtrack_user_stats". I dump the results of the previous 24 hours every morning, format what I want to see a bit a, just to see that all the values are in-line and nothing is suspicious. After the upgrade to v76, all...