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  1. T

    WordPress Toolkit and version

    I have validated and update WordPress to the latest version. It is still a message: WordPress 6.3.2 Core Security update for this WordPress version is not available yet. Please check back later I can not click update inside WordPress Toolkit but warning does not vanish even manually updated...
  2. T

    How to purchase and order Delux version for a WordPress Toolkit?

    I have followed path inside WordPress Toolkit and clicked PURCHASE. It transfers to general page and path to purchase should be through Home / Server Configuration / WHM Marketplace Need to know how to enable delux version or using Linux command?
  3. C

    WordPress Toolkit security measure breaks WordPress REST API

    I've become aware recently that one or some of the security measures which can be run through WordPress Toolkit may potentially interfere with the REST API. Here are the steps to reproduce it - we've now seen 3 new customers recently with random REST API errors, like posts not saving, certain...
  4. M

    Wordpress Toolkit, executable wpt-panopticon

    Hi, I am getting excessive resource usage from this executable /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/wp-toolkit/bin/wpt-panopticon When I Google this, I find zero. Does anyone know some more about this wpt-panopticon ?? Thanks
  5. J

    Wordpress detach accidentally a website

    Hello, I accidentally disconnected a website (detach) from my Wordpress toolkit and I don't know how to add it back. The site is working fine and I don't want to install another Wordpress over what's already working. I just want it to be detected again when I run the scan. Thank you for your...
  6. P

    Wordpress Toolkit not show installations but show plugins and themes

    This is very weird.. Is happening in one of my servers. The wordpress toolkit not show any installation of any site. I run toolkit info thru ssh to check and show the installation perfectly. In fact in the wordpress toolkit section in cpanel, not display anything, but if i go to the tabs...
  7. schoeps

    SOLVED WordPress Toolkit Repo Connection Issue?

    For some reason, I cannot download and add WordPress toolkit and the inability to connect to the repo is not allowing updates to run. Is the repo down? Change IP? Anyone else having this issue? When Installing: Error: There was a problem with the install. Refresh the page and try again...
  8. W

    Wordpress Toolkit - remove footer from maintenance mode

    Hi there When using Wordpress toolkit maintenance mode, it adds the Social icons and the " Powered by WordPress Toolkit " How do we remove these across all sites in the server config section? Is there a master config file we can 'hack' ? I see the section in WHM > WordPress Toolkit Settings...
  9. bejbi

    php-fpm issue: Webmail or Wordpress Toolkit to choose ...

    When You install WordPress Toolkit, there is a must to enable in system php-fpm for cPanel services. But enabling php-fpm for cPanel services breaks comfortable using of webmail and phpmyadmin - it runs very, very slow and there is many connection lost. Becouse in default php-fpm for cpanel...
  10. M

    Can't login via Wordpress Toolkit

    Hi @ALL, I added a new domain account and installed WordPress successfully on that domain. But I can't log into the WP Dashboard via the blue login button of Softaculous. Getting the error message: File not found. I have successfully checked with the file manager that the WP installation is...
  11. J

    WordPress toolkit get install ID

    Does anyone know (the documentation is none-existent) if it's possible to get a WPT installation ID from the domain of the installation? Also, can you access WP Toolkit through the cPanel/WHM API?
  12. C

    Revert security measures in wordPress toolkit that can't be reverted.

    Hi All, I recently used the WordPress toolkit for the first time and activated all the security measures. Unfortunately the setting "Restrict access to files and directories" breaks my Wordfence security. I believe this is the setting breaking my WordFence security. It says it can't be...
  13. E

    WordPress Toolkit has detected known vulnerabilities on WordPress sites under your care

    Hi Is there any way to let cpanel send emails to the client regarding they need to update their websites whenever a vuln have been found by wptoolkit ?
  14. M

    WordPress Toolkit dont create htaccess file

    The WordPress Toolkit dont generate the default .htaccess file on news installations. How fix this?
  15. T

    SOLVED WordPress Toolkit error Could not create new 'wp-config.php' file.

    I can't install wordpress via wordpress toolkit Here are some errors I found in the wordpress toolkit logs. [2022-08-01 06:08:26.504] DEBUG Rollback WordPress installation of instance #1913: remove from WPT database [2022-08-01 06:08:26.518] DEBUG Execute shell command: 'rm -rf...
  16. MajorLancelot

    WordPress Toolkit Plugin Notifications

    We set notifications so that customers could know what is expected of them when it comes to WordPress Toolkit. This is kinda odd: Not sure why notification like this is being sent to customers: Updates are available for the following items: Shouldn't be going to...
  17. R

    Customized Wordpress install for Toolkit

    Hello, I still feel documentation is lacking for Toolkit. We want to know if we can customize the WordPress installation for Toolkit. I.E: We use our own addons, files, etc (We use a Custom Package with Softaculous for example). Is this possible with Toolkit, and where can we find more info?
  18. K

    WordPress Toolkit

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to resolve this issue So when sorting WPtoolkit for the sites that are "Broken" What is the best way to archive the files so that the toolkit does not pick up the install anymore... I tried to 000the offending directory...
  19. K

    SOLVED WordPress Toolkit Fixed Vulnerability Stll Displaying

    Howdy! In WordPress Toolkit > Security > Fix Vulnerabilities I had a plugin that needed upgrading or deleting. I deactivated and deleted the plugin from within WordPress, but now that vulnerability notice is still there in WordPress Toolkit. I have tried re-scanning, no effect, and there does...
  20. P

    WP Toolkit can't use the "Copy" feature

    Hello everyone, I was working on a staging site and looking to Copy the file to the live site and it comes with the following errors: Failed to reset cache for the instance #34: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 106496 bytes) in...