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Jul 4, 2007
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I saw in 66 this:

.htaccess search optimization
In cPanel & WHM version 66, on new installations, we configure Apache to only search for .htaccess files in the user's /home directory and its subdirectories. This decreases the number of locations to search for .htaccess files, which improves the speed of Apache searches. We display a feature showcase item to enable this feature for already-installed systems.

But on several servers I had Indexes OFF (from WHM > Apache Configuration) for security reasons mostly.

When (before 66 a few weeks ago) I switch to htaccess home directories search from the same page, a lot of pages stopped working when someone was making a change (SSL, Apache Restart, PHP version change).
(Tickets with ID 8599201 and 8634567)

Hard to reproduce and not common but it happened a lot of times.

Now with 66 and having htaccess optimization enabled, will it work as intended when also Indexes are off ?

I had to remove htaccess optimization OR switch indexes to On again to make most of websites to work again back then.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hi Chris,

I'm happy to test this out on a cPanel 66 test server to ensure it works as expected. Could you provide more information about the scenario (e.g. document root of the website, .htaccess contents) you'd like tested?

Thank you.