Account migration to another server in the same dns cluster


Sep 25, 2016
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I've got 2 cPanel/WHM servers ( and and 2 cPanel DNSonly servers ( and

This is the way I configured the 2 servers in the clusters:
--> (synchronize changes)
--> (synchronize changes)
--> (synchronize changes)
--> (synchronize changes)

When I transferred the the account from to the account on got suspended but the domain was not reachable. When I pinged the domain it actually continued to point to and on the browser it would return the message "The account has been moved". Then I decided to cancel the account on and at that point it was not reachable at all via the browser.

I made sure that the DNS zone were not cancelled and in fact they were there with the domain pointing to the new server I cleared all my browser cache and even tried with an anonymous browser and the domain was yet not reachable, but still pointing to the old server

Only about after a couple of hours the domain was reachable and pointing to the new server

Is it normal that it takes so long to update the propagation even if the account was transferred in the same clusters without changing any name servers? Should not be almost instantaneous the update? Is my configuration wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help
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Nov 9, 2001
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As a "best practice" you'd want to lower the TTL (something like 1200 or 20 minutes) well before the migration. Then when you migrate the DNS will 'update' in 20 minutes vs. the default cPanel 14400 (or 4 hours).
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