Acronis backup plugin taking a long time to load a recovery


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Sep 21, 2015
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In my experience, Acronis cPanel plugin is always buggy and taking long time to display the recovery points is normal with it. There is nothing we could do in the cPanel side to improve that. I'd suggest contacting Acronis support directly to get any assistance with it further.


Dec 25, 2022
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We were on JetBackup for many years - I found that on large servers with a lot of accounts/files backups were taking way too long. We tried Acronis and and the backup window decreased dramatically. What we have found though, is that the WHM/cPanel plugin has issues sometimes. It's endless back/forth with Acronis support, sending logs/sys info. Right now we've been over 1 week with all plugins failed. Customers can't do self-service restores - and of course without the plugin, database restores are impossible. I'm half thinking of going back to JetBackup - the issues/support are so frustrating.


Feb 15, 2006

So for someone who has not been with Acronis before but who has been using R1Soft for almost 20 years and now is searching for an alternative, would you recommend Acronis or not?

Self-service restores are a must. R1Soft did its job perfectly fine so far but it has some unsolvable issues lately. Reading your comments i understand that with Acronis we'll have multiple problems. Is that the case?

What about Acronis on-premise backups? Do their self-service restores also have issues?

Also, what's your experience with JetBackup stability and support? For instance, with R1Soft we never had stability issues but had other types of issues. With Acronis i read you had issues with stability and support. What's the case with JetBackup?
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Oct 19, 2014
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@KJ - I'm not able to speak about Acronis on my end, since we aren't affiliated with their tool, so it might be better for someone that has used that backup software to comment on that portion of your question.

As far as JetBackup is concerned, they are an official cPanel Partner, and you can purchase a license directly through the cPanel Store for that tool, so it integrates and works 100% with all of our systems.
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