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Mar 19, 2021
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This seems like a common issue but after searching through the forums, nothing seems readily available.

I have two domains, one is old and we do not control the email accounts or DNS (""). Our new domain is functional under CPanel and emails are working. Our old hosting company is redirecting emails sent to the old user accounts to our new user accounts. For example, [email protected] is forwarding to [email protected]. We have published our new email addresses, sent out notices, etc, etc but many suppliers and customers are still using our old email addresses.

I was looking at somehow setting up User Filters and piping to a program, based on the "To:" field equals "[email protected]" and send out a reply "Please update your addressbook. My new address is [email protected]". Probably best to include a frequency of once a day or less frequently. I also need the email to come from "[email protected]" so I don't think a Global filter would work.

The other option is to try and use EXIM ROUTES and TRANSPORTS with a vacation message with some extra logic but that seems like a more complex option.

Has anyone any suggestions?
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! You're definitely correct that a one-step tool for this type of work doesn't exist, but we should be able to make something work. (Although, that would be a great feature request to submit using the link in my signature :D )

I think the Filters using "To" is the best option as well, with the 24-hour frequency setup. It would likely need to be set up in the user level for each email, as a Global filter that is catching them all would not give the desired results.