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Jan 31, 2006
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I have a catch-all (default address) set up for one of the domains being hosted by a shared hosting provider. Most inbound email to that domain goes to a specific email address (let's call it [email protected]) but some goes to other addresses that I might not be aware of, hence the need for the catch-all (default address). I'm wondering if there is any mechanism that would allow me to set up a rule in cPanel so that emails that come in from a certain email address (let's say and are addressed to [email protected] will send back an auto-reply to but also be delivered according to the catch-all (default address).

I tried this with the auto-responders but there is no way to specify an inbound email address to match the auto-responder with - it just responds to everything sent to [email protected]. And not only that, but because there is no forwarder or mailbox set up, it discards the inbound message after auto-responding instead of delivering it according to the catch-all (default address).

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Apr 11, 2011

You could setup a global email filter in the account that redirects incoming email matching your specific conditions to a secondary email address. Then, setup a new autoresponder for that secondary email address. Thus, only emails matching your specific criteria would receive the automatic response.

Thank you.