Auto-respond only to forwarded messages

Bohdan Tomanek

Mar 16, 2017
Edmonton, Canada
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I have a client who is switching from their isp email provider to their own email server that I setup for them using cPanel. But they requested that the email from the ISP be forwarded to the new email addresses which is easy enough. And that there is an auto-responder to senders informing about the email change. But the emails then skip the inbox of the ISP so their auto-reply/out-of-office message doesn't work. Is it possible to use cPanel to send only for forwarded mail? Or is there some way that I can make a script to run on the server periodically to check for emails from the old domain & send a response? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 11, 2011

One option you could try is setting up a global filter rule on the account. The filter would have to check if the message was forwarded from the ISP, and if so, have the message delivered to a specific mail folder, and then have it redirected to another email address. You'd setup the autoresponder for the email address the messages are redirected to, and thus the autoresponder would send the automatic response to messages that are forwarded from the ISP:

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Thank you.