Box Trapper and Spam Assassin


Jun 29, 2023
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Hello friends, something very odd and frustrating has happened to me. I don't know when it happened, but I was informed a couple days ago from a contact of mine who emailed me via an address I had not received an email before that there's no verification link in my Box Trappers automated email. I made a dummy email account and emailed myself, sure enough no link. After investigating I found the following. This is the text presented to a person receiving the verification email (I'm using default message):
To: %email% Subject: Your email requires verification verify#%msgid%)
The message you sent requires that you verify that you are a real live human being and not a spam source.
%if can_verify_web%
To complete this verification, simply reply to this message and leave the subject line intact or click the link below: http://%webdomain%/cgi-sys/bxd.cgi?a=%acct%&id=%msgid%
The headers of the message sent from your address are shown below: %headers%
`can_verify_web` is always false. For further testing I removed the condition so the link is always displayed. Sent another email, sure enough I had the link. Clicking on it resulted in an error. The link pointed to a non-existant file in a non-existant folder. I began googling how to restore it properly. Couldn't find anything related. I had a session with chatgpt that ended in "call your host". I called my host. Recently they were absorbed by another company. Prior to that the support staff were actual devs that could help, but under the new company they're just call center zombies who can only do basic stuff and did not understand me at all when explaining the bool thing. So I looked into alternatives to box trapper. Decided to go with Spam Assassin as it's already there. BUT spam assassin black/white list entries are a different syntax. I wrote a c# class to convert the thousands of white/black list box trapper entries into the spam assassin equivalent. No way was I about to re-enter everything manually. So that worked but then when I went to paste them into the relevant spam assassin file, that too was gone.

I'd really love to just get box trapper working again. There's very limited info online. How can I go about doing this? The verification link pointed to ` bxd.cgi `. How can I regenerate this file, it's parent folder, and any other files that resided in the folder? Chatgpt gave me the impression that the contents of the folder are specific to my server and it's not just a matter of finding a vanilla version and pasting it back in.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! The bxd.cgi file doesn't exist inside the user's home directory, so it's normal that you aren't finding it there, so there is nothing that is missing or needs to be recreated.

The file itself is located at /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys, so you would want to ensure it is present there. If it is not there, running "/scripts/upcp --force" should restore it.

A more likely explanation would be that you are using the CloudLinux operating system and the command isn't properly working in CageFS. If you remove the user from CageFS temporarily with this command:

cagefsctl --disable username
does that allow the email link to work properly?