Can I host domain names on WHM cPanel Admin Cloud account or do I need cPanel accounts for each domain name?


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Aug 9, 2022
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Hello Forum.

I have got a cPanel Admin Cloud (5 Accounts) license. I want to host about four or five domain names (i.e.,,,, , or web sites, on my server hosting.

Question 1) Can I manage or host the domain names from the WHM root account without purchasing an additional cPanel license?

Question 2-a) If the answer to Question 1) is Yes, meaning that I do not have to purchase an additional cPanel account, can someone tell me the steps to follow to add the domain names?

Question 2-b) If the answer to Question 1) is No, meaning that I do have to purchase cPanel account(s), i). can I host all five domain names on one cPanel account or ii). do I have to have a separate cPanel account for each domain name?

Thank you in advance.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there!

1 - Yes, the root user creates the cPanel accounts, and then you're able to log in to cPanel.

2a - Once you are logged into WHM (https://ip-address:2087) you would go to Create a New Account. You can search for that in the top-right search bar. There you can create the cPanel account and log in as that particular user.

Let me know if that helps!