Can not save from ubuntu client


Sep 21, 2010
I have a linux based hosting service for my website.
cpanel version is 11.25.0-STABLE.

Everything works when I use cpanel from WindowsXP.

When working from Ubuntu 10.04 client, some pages are not working.

1. Code Editor : After opening and editing a file in cPanel code editor, unable to save changes. Upon clicking 'Save Changes' button, browser status bar shows 'connecting to server' message, does not do anything. Same feature works fine when working from windowsxp client.

2. phpMyAdmin : similar problem in export screen. Upon submitting the export options, no response except 'connecting' message.

Other functions (such as file browsing, email access ,...) are working fine.

I have tried with Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The results are same from all browsers.

Please help.
could this be a configuration issue with the linux based browsers ?

- Govind