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Mar 22, 2008
I cannot believe my eyes...

2015-02-07 04:22:48  434 ( INFO): Beginning Installation v3
2015-02-07 04:22:48  338 ( INFO): CentOS 7 (Linux) detected!
2015-02-07 04:22:48  355 (ERROR): CentOS version 7 is unsupported by cPanel for new installs.
2015-02-07 04:22:48  356 (ERROR): Unsupported distro detected. cPanel only supports CentOS, RedHat Enterprise, and CloudLinux 5 and 6
2015-02-07 04:22:48  357 (FATAL): Please re-install cPanel from a valid distro
Are you guys serious or just joking? CentOS7 was released 8 months ago !!!

I'm truly shocked. What do you guys do at cPanel all day, honestly. You removed most OS distros for cPanel requirements so you could only support mainly RHEL and derivatives which is fine but you are not even doing a good job maintain support for it. It was not release last week, it was released last year.