Changelog suggestion: Showing details of the upcoming changes on the WHM update page.

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martin MHC

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Sep 14, 2016
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The concept in core is the WHM update page tells me exactly zero about what the update involves and what the update changes. I need to manually go to other URLs and external places to find the canon changelog before deciding if the change is something that suits the system.
I'm sure 99/100 times the changes would be absolutely fine, but it's a missed opportunity to inform the WHM administrators of the details of what's going on . These changes would involve minimal new content, instead adding a link to the version specific changelog canon pages and/or the content of the changelog canon pages being displayed in the "dead space" on the update page (before the update button is clicked).

I have created a fature request for this here:

I hope people can get on board with this. Image of an example aim attached.


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