CloudLinux + cPanel - connection problems


Oct 13, 2014
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Dear forum members,

This is my first post in technical questions here, and I hope someone can shed light in my head :)

As I'm a bit unaware how licensing works for cloudlinux, when purchasing through the cpanel store, that might cause the root problem.

I've recently configured the downloaded cloudlinux+cpanel vmdk from cloudlinux, and tried to make a yum update, but that fails with:
/ [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 7 - "couldn't connect to host"

I can ping the host, it resolves as ip, I can also traceroute to it, without problems. Trying to wget the above mentioned file gives back No route to host error, which is a bit interesting.

I'm doing 1:1 NAT to my server, and checking the ip with gives me back the correct public ip address, on which I've bought a VPS license + Cloudlinux for a year.

I'm a bit clueless, if it is network related problem, or it is because cloudlinux allows queries only from licensed machines.

Please advise.

Balazs Kovacs


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Is this server running behind a proxy? You may want to report this to your hosting provider or data center as it seems like a connection issue rather than a problem with the cPanel/WHM software.

Thank you.