SOLVED COBRA-13814 - BUG: in tweak settings with notification dropdown: has weird Notifications that do not show up on main WHM page ???

Operating System & Version
Almalinux 8.5 latest
cPanel & WHM Version


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Feb 21, 2018
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Root Administrator
@cPRex @cPanelAdamF
PS: all servers AlmaLinux and Ubuntu have CSF Installed

whomever else might try this,

Just go to the search Tools and Accounts box top right of cPanel 102.0.11 and type in tweak settings
click on the link to take you to tweak settings..
look at your notifications it has a blue dot.. then click on it and you get this drop down with all the issues needing to get resolved.

The first 2 are incorrect the cpanel whm is upto date and link takes yuou to MySQL page
the EOL takes you to MYSQL page

the other 3 take you to the graceful restart page as they should, but there is no need. cause this are not correct. there are no notifications
( that's why I am calling this a bug)

seems like this is a bug that needs to get fixed.

weird cpanel tweak settings messages.jpg

What I've tried
- reboot server
- reinstall MySql
- force cpanel update
- /scripts/upcp

This also happens with Ubuntu and cPanel as well. Just FYI

sorry @cPRex
I should of created this post in User Experience ;(

Has anyone else experienced this ?
Also same on my dev for AlmaLinux and Ubuntu with both.



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