Combatting Spam - ultimate exim ACL?


Aug 8, 2003
Is there a generally agreed upon, defacto stadard for comabating spam on the cpanel/exim platform? What is the best method? Anyone have an 'ultimate' exim ACL for preventing exploits and spam or any good howto sites they can reference? Even with using rbl I have personally recieved over 500 spam messages in the last 4 months between 4 of my personal accounts that I am hosting. I know that some of my customers are having a huge problem with this as well. I am getting sick of it. I would like the ability analyze where the majority of the spam is coming from so I can block the subnets in iptables. What is the best setup? I am basically running the default exim configuration along with spamd. Spamd seems to idenitfy most of the spam correctly, but it just tags it as spam. I am afraid to send it to blackhole since sometimes messages that I intend to recieve are flagged. Is there a better ruleset to use for spamd as well?



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Apr 7, 2003
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i would recommend using chirpys paid mailscanner install

it will stop %98 of the spam

however 500 spam getting through in 4 months on 4 accounts sounds like a really small amount is getting through as is