cPanel 11 High MySQL Loads Issues


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Nov 23, 2005
Second try with cPanel 11 and for the second time, our Mysql CPU Loads are through the roof.... reaching 908 at times.

We downgraded to cPanel 10 and miraculously our loads are at minimum and mysql is not using nearly as many resources as with cPanel 11.

Additionally, the queries are now sleeping and closing the connections as designed.

It troubles me a little that you guys will attest this to other things besides the cPanell 11 release as many others have been experiencing issues with CPU loads and such.

This is the second time we experience these issues after cPanel 11 Installation and both times your team denies the fact that it's cPanel 11. And for the second time, we downgrade and the loads return to normal.

I think it's time to send cPanel 11 back to the EDGE path and pinpoint this issue before you guys release it to Stable because it is far from STABLE.

We are now running the cPanel 10 STABLE Build and it's running just fine.