cPanel email stats reporting


Feb 19, 2018
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Root Administrator

I manage the cpanel mail for an organisation and we have a large number of email accounts and forwarder addresses many of which I suspect are no longer in use.

What I am hoping to do is generate a report with things like, last time an email account was logged into (most important) amount of emails sent/received per mailbox (less important) and last date an email was sent to a forwarder address.

I have access to root and both cpanel and WHM which is installed on the same server.

I've had an extensive look online and I can't find any tools that seem to do this, webilzer etc just report on websites not email, the best I found was the default reporting in WHM, but even still no easy way to export the kind of data I need, any suggestions are appreciated.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011

The specific information you are looking for isn't easily available as part of an existing feature in cPanel & WHM. You can use "WHM >> Mail Delivery Reports" and "WHM >> View Sent Summary" to search for information about emails that were delivered (including forwards), however information about when an email account last signed in is only available via the /var/log/maillog file from the command line. You would need to develop a custom bash script that searches for login entries in /var/log/maillog (and the archives of that log) to determine when an email account last signed in.

Thank you.