Cpanel hosting malware scanning not detecting trojan


Jul 22, 2022
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Hi, last month I received a message from Google ads saying my ads where including malware. I ran a scan on our hosting account and nothing was found, our hosting provider did the same on their side and found nothing. The hosting provider agent suggested I download the app folder that was being marked as infected by Google to my pc and ran a local scan. To my surprise, multiple files were compromised with the same trojan ( Trojan:JS/Agent.AG!MSR ). I cleaned up the folder and uploaded it up back to our hosting server and I was able to reactivate my google ads (sharing file through Drive were also marked as dangerous). Today, I compressed and downloded another app folder from our hosting server and when decompressing it, multiples infection messages started popping up ( same trojan: JS/Agent.AG!MSR ). Why is that the cpanel scanning tool nor the hosting provider cannot detect that trojan and my local antivirus can? Is there any way to improve tha cpanel virus scanner? My cpanel version is 102.0 (build 18)