Cpanel production server crashed

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Sep 22, 2008
Hi guys,

Yesterday my server stopped working normally, apparently the cpanel installation is corrupt according to my supplier indicates ... we have tried to fix it with all the possible options of the commands provided by cpanel on the documentation, but it is useless. for example the supplier indicates that it's a problem of perl corruption ... if I use the following command I get this:

[root @ kindo home] # / scripts / check_cpanel_rpms --fix
Not an ARRAY reference at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 41.

The supplier indicates that it is better to do a fresh installation of cpanel, I think that is not the best answer.

What can I do?



Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! There's really not enough information in the post for us to say for sure what the issue could be. For possible problems with the cPanel perl system, it would be best to open a ticket with our Technical Support team so we could examine the machine directly to see what state it is in. In order for you to make a ticket, the server would need to be accessible over an SSH connection.