cPanel Setup and Plugins Installer Free on SourceForge


Aug 11, 2011

I'm proud to announce our cpinstall script released to public easy use for cPanel user, useful for management

Script will be updated upon new software update and with new plugins, function usually each few days.

If you have any request or script, function we can update please post them over the sourceforge page

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How to use it?

cPanel Setup and Plugins Installer - Browse Files at

cPanel Setup and Plugins Installer

- Install cPanel without issue.
- Install cPanel DNS Only.
- Force cPanel update.
- Register with CloudLinux Network.
- Install CloudLinux on your system (License and Reboot required).
- Install CSF Firewall.
- Install htop Process Viewer.
- Install logview plugin.
- Install Process Resource Monitor.
- Install System Integrity Monitor.
- Install Ruby on Rails.
- Install WHMSonic Plugin.
- Install Fantastico Plugin.
- Install Softaculous Plugin.
- Install Clean Backup Plugin.
- Install Account DNS Check Plugin.
- Install cPnginx Admin Plugin.
- Install FFMPEG.
- Install LiteSpeed Plugin
- Install CHKRootKit.
- Install Brute Force Detection.
- Install Linux Malware Detect.
- Install All Plugins from (without CSF)
- Fully update your system.
- Disable SELinux permanently.
- Change SSH port.
- Secure your /tmp partition.
- Secure your /tmp partition on Virtuozzo VPS.
- Disable Compilers.
- Enable Compilers.
- Remove cPnginx Admin Plugin.
- Remove FFMPEG from your system.
- Fix permission issue for suPHP (Advanced users only).
- Optimize MySQL Servers.