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Apr 24, 2020
Houston, Texas
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Reading the directions at Guide to Git™ - Deployment | cPanel & WHM Documentation it appears you must have a .cpanel.yaml file to deploy.

There are a couple of issues with this. First, you have to have control of the repository, and if it is an open-source project, you won't have control of it. And even if it contains a .cpanel.yaml file, it won't have the correct information.

Is there a way to put a placeholder for the username, and cPanel replaces that username with the currently logged-in user? In other words, have cPanel change
export DEPLOYPATH=/home/example/public_html/ to export DEPLOYPATH=/home/somebody/public_html/ if the logged-in cPanel user is somebody.

Or, perhaps, better yet, have a form the cPanel user can fill out to specify the deploy path, so they can choose where it is deployed. The .cpanel.yaml file specifies which files get deployed, but the cPanel user determines where it gets deployed at the time of deployment.

I have a small open-source project and would like to include a .cpanel.yaml file for people who wish to deploy my project. And I also want to make my own life simpler when I deploy it myself to multiple websites. We won't know the correct deployment path for each website in advance. What is the solution to that?

If this is not possible currently, please consider this a feature request.
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