Dec 13, 2011
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This is what I want to do...

Digital Ocean if you haven't heard of them, is a lot like Linode where you can deploy your container (in this case droplet) as a VPS on demand, scale it and so forth at an incredible cost.

I have created one 'droplet' to host cPanel right now and will be moving my clients over to here soon. But, before I do this, I will be needing to create one more 'droplet' at least which will generate an additional IP. (They have a limit of one IP per droplet). This will let me have both name servers.

What I want to do is basically split the balance of customers between the 'droplet's I create and use WHM do to this. I know I can edit the DNS for the clients to point in WHM to each 'droplet's IP therefore creating a pointer to there. But, will the email be pointed this way as well to the 'slave droplet' or will it be stored on the master one with WHM installed?



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Apr 27, 2006
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I'm not sure cPanel is going to be the best fit for what you want to do, it only supports out of the box DNS clustering and remote MySQL server at present. Running other services on different servers isn't currently supported.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

cPanel currently supports clustering for DNS purposes only. There is support to host your databases on a remote MySQL server, however beyond that, there are no native options that allow for mirroring of your websites. I recommend searching our forums for "mirroring" and "high availability" for custom solutions that other users may have implemented. There are lots of discussions about the best ways to do this. EX:

Load Balancing Between 2 cPanel Servers
Load Balancing
Load Balancing Servers
cPanel Load Balanced Servers

Also, feel free to add your input to the following active feature requests:

Active Redundancy or High Availability
Build in Load Balancing

Thank you.
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