Disable Glass Notification, Welcome Panel and Reorder Features Groups globally for existing users


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Sep 4, 2017
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With the auto update, things change overnight about the user experience of our customers in cPanel.

It's fine. Especially if we can easily restore things like before if needed.

I just successfully disabled the Glass Notification to keep the previous cPanel Basic Theme we are used to.

I did that :

- WHM > cPanel > Customization > Custom Style
- Set as Basic.


mkdir -pv /root/cpanel3-skel/.cpanel/nvdata/
echo -n "1" > /root/cpanel3-skel/.cpanel/nvdata/xmainSwitchToPreviousBannerDismissed
for i in $(ls /var/cpanel/users); do uapi --user=$i NVData set names=xmainNewStyleBannerDismissed xmainNewStyleBannerDismissed=1; done
Here the sources, I get it from there :
- How to disable the Glass theme feedback banner for newly created accounts
- How to dismiss or undismiss the "Switch to Glass" notification

It works like a charm with these command lines, as I just have to copy-past it without thinking too much.

Now, because I am here already, I would like to restore the previous behaviour for 2 things :
- No Welcome Message targeting Email Account Creation and WP Toolkit (as we do not focus on Emails and we support Softaculous by default instead of WP Toolkit)
- Reorder the Features Groups (as we really really not focus on Emails, and our customers want to see first, the "File Manager" and then, "PhpMyAdmin")

Disable (or customise) the Welcome Message Panel :

I found this out :

So using Skeleton, I can disable the Welcome Panel for new accounts. But, I this message appeared overnight, I would also like to disable it globally for all new and existing accounts (or better, customise it as it's not translated in my language and the highlighted features are not the one I want to promote). For me, "Softaculous" and "Open a support ticket" would be more useful feature icons.

And with this one :

I can disable the Welcome Panel for one user using CLI.

I suggest (it would be useful) to edit this article to add the loop which makes possible to disable the welcome message globally.

Maybe something like this? (use with caution, it's my personal command line) :

for i in $(ls /var/cpanel/users); do echo '{"personalization": {"xmainwelcomedismissed": 1} }' | uapi --user=$i--input=json Personalization set ; done
Please, can someone tell me if my above command line is right ?


Reorder the Features Groups :

Same problem here.

This article explains how to reorder the feature groups for all new accounts and/or the an individual existing account :

But we are missing the straight procedure to reorder the feature groups globally (for all accounts).

I guess, something like this (use with caution, it's my personal command line) :

for i in $(ls /var/cpanel/users); do uapi --user=$i NVData set names='xmaingroupsorder|xmainrollstatus' xmaingroupsorder='files|databases|domains|email|metrics|security|software|advanced|preferences' xmainrollstatus='' ; done
Tell me if I am right ? :)

How to proceed to request the cPanel Support Team to add these additional informations on these 2 articles ?

Thanks in advance.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Your commands look right to me, but I'd recommend trying it out on a test system before implementing that in production.

The API calls listed are a generally safer way of performing account modifications since those have built-in error checking. If cPanel finds a problem, it will give you helpful output, where as "one-liners" won't and it will just make the edits. I believe due to that reason we try and avoid one-liners in the support documents.
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