Disable POP/IMAP, only allow Webmail


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Sep 26, 2006
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I have a hosting client with several dozen email accounts. He would like to only allow his email accounts to access via Webmail, and not allow them to have POP / IMAP access (so, no Outlook or other email program; just Webmail).

How can I set up his account to disable POP on all email accounts? Would turning off Dovecot / Courier work, or would that disable the email accounts entirely?

Once this is done, is it possible to manually modify an account to allow POP or IMAP, but not the other accounts? I only ask because I can guarantee that this client will be asking before long :)


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Jun 20, 2007
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You can firewall off the ports so that they cannot be accessed externally, only via localhost. You cannot turn off the mail server as webmail is just an IMAP client that still requires a mail server to connect to.


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Oct 2, 2010
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You cannot set it so that only one account can only use webmail in that manner. It would work if you wanted this for all accounts, but it will not work for only one account to provide that type of functionality.

Why doesn't this client want to allow using an external email client? This is the question that really matters. I will bet it is because he wants to be able to have a copy of all incoming and outgoing messages, which he can see if they only use webmail.

If that is what he is really trying to do, you could setup a blind carbon copy just for domains on his account so he gets a copy of all incoming and outgoing messages sent to him from any email account, which allows him to see what they sent from any external email program. You can read about how to do this at the following thread: