Disk quota not calculated correctly by Cpanel ( Huge bug they should fix)


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Sep 11, 2013
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We are using latest version of WHM cPanel (cPanel & WHM v104.0.4) on one of our servers.
We noticed a strange problem where a user is showing used disk space as 219MB and is allocated a disk 1GB.
We noticed that one of the databases under that particular user is showing disk usage of 11GB.
There is a table which is 9.9GB in size.The strange problem is the account is showing disk usage of 219MB whereas it should
have shown disk usage of 11+ GB considering the fact that mysql disk usage is counted under respective account.
We have also made sure that the option in Tweak settings -> SQL -> Include databases in disk usage calculations is enabled.
We raised a ticket with cPanel support and since last 24 hours we have received all kind of irrelevant answers from then,
none addressing our question as why mysql disk usage did not count against shown disk usage of that account on server.

First irrlevant answer was :"Due to the way quotas work, the files for the database do not count towards the disk space in the
"quota" output since the files are not owned by the user. "It does not make any sense when using cPanel on shared server
environment where we have already enabled their recommended option.
Second reply was they were trying to reproduce the problem by installing new instances of Wordpress and confirming they
did not receive any quota warning.
Again, our primary concern was neglected as "Why cPanel Quota is not calculating mysql
disk usage"
under that respective account. We never mentioned we had any problem with WP installations.
Then someone from their team is asking "Do you know when the account became over quota? ".
Come on man this is a shared hosting environment. We are supposed to keep a check on accounts based on the disk usage shown in WHM cPanel.
Do they expect us to go through each database every day to find if any user is using high mysql disk space?
And the most weird / funny reply we have recently received :"It is difficult to determine why the account exceeded the limit
without knowing when the user went over the limit. From what it looks like right now, the limit was set to a value lower
than the actual usage. The account needs to be lower than the limit prior to setting it if you want it to work correctly.
You may need to get the user to reduce their usage first, and then the quotas should take effect normally."

Lol, now how on earth are we supposed to work this way on shared hosting environment?Not to forget they have hiked their price
recently several hundred times and this is a sloppy support and illogical replies we get from them...Making sure their "Expensive"
software is capable of calculating all kind of disk quota usage, is something their arena..
Not something that we should have to contact customer to reduce his disk space..
Why wont a customer argue if his cPanel is not showing used disk space.. he will always say he is within allowed disk quota limit..

Cpanel needs to seriously think about the basic disk quota problem ..as such problem can cause heavy loss to many companies. ( Are we suppose
to do all this manual work on hundreds of server?)
Not to forget with all the over usage NO warning to us or customer and his site is working with disk quota warning.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Can you let me know the ticket number you have opened? I'd like to review that.

In general, once the Tweak Settings option is enabled, it should be properly added. We have this information on the Tweak Settings page:

"Using INFORMATION_SCHEMA ensures that disk usage by MySQL tables is included in totals. However, enabling this option may cause a significant drop in performance as MySQL may become unresponsive until data collection is complete. Disabling this option causes the system to query the filesystem directly, potentially excluding disk space used by some database tables. Note: If you use a remote MySQL server, you must turn this setting On in order to calculate MySQL disk usage."


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Jan 26, 2016
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we just found a server where an account was using 500GB on MYSQL, even tough the account limit was 50GB (Always, never made a package change)

We do have that option active " "Using INFORMATION_SCHEMA ensures that disk usage by MySQL tables is included in totals. " since the server install (1-2 years ago)

We found about this in a manual work perform in another account, and just oversaw that this account was using 500GB.

So you are not the only case.



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Jan 26, 2016
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@JoseDieguez - I don't see that the OP ever replied with a ticket number or more information. Would it be possible for your team to submit a ticket so we can check that out?
not sure if it would help, since we cleaned that account, and had to use the script fixquotas so Cpanel and WHM update the space usage (it didn't update by itself even 1 hour after)

i can say, it was not something that happened from one moment to another, we have a monitor in space usage, and the space usage of the server was increasing by 1% every day (without this server getting new clients, it's space usage grew from 55% to 89% in 30 days because of this specific account)
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