DNSOnly hostname changed overnight


Dec 8, 2014
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This morning I received this email:

Your WHM server is configured with IP address xx.xx.xx.xx and has a misconfigured hostname. This misconfiguration can cause some services on your server to not restart properly. The cause of your misconfiguration is:

WHM has detected a manual hostname change.

To fix this problem, we recommend that you perform the following action:

Update your hostname in WHM’s (http://xx.localdomain:2087/scripts2/changehostname) interface (Home » Networking Setup » Change Hostname).
(I've replaced the IP and servername with xx)

Has this something to do with an update? Or can I check the logs who altered it? And do I need to change the hostname?

Help is much appreciated!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Internal case number 128077 is open to address the issue where manual updates of the hostname on an 11.46+ DNSOnly server will trigger a hostname-change alert, and direct the user to update their hostname through WHM, which is not possible on a DNSOnly server. The "Change Hostname" option is going to be added to WHM on DNS-Only to address this issue. You can monitor our change log for the inclusion of the case number:

11.46 Change Log

You can manually correct the hostname entry in /etc/wwwacct.conf until the resolution has been released.

Thank you.