DNSOnly on AlmaLinux8 - kernel messages


Jul 29, 2021
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

i installed cPanel DNSOnly on an freshly installed and configured AlmaLinux8 (8.4). It is a vm on an ESXi 6.7 U3 (latest patch).
I followed the instructions from here and here.

As a test i add the server to our DNS Cluster. Everything works fine and as expected.
But i can see following messages in kernel log. These traps started right after running the cpanel installation script:

[62204.473146] traps: envtype[11225] trap invalid opcode ip:14c6f3642796 sp:7fff1f3698d0 error:0 in BIOS.so[14c6f3641000+3000]
[62306.762536] traps: envtype[14867] trap invalid opcode ip:14a7943ab796 sp:7ffcfc491710 error:0 in BIOS.so[14a7943aa000+3000]
[62312.495933] traps: envtype[15173] trap invalid opcode ip:1475ef2c2796 sp:7fff208fc780 error:0 in BIOS.so[1475ef2c1000+3000]
[62682.424358] traps: envtype[38060] trap invalid opcode ip:1521dd7b3796 sp:7fff8e3f9010 error:0 in BIOS.so[1521dd7b2000+3000]
[62984.164152] traps: envtype[38190] trap invalid opcode ip:15204f832796 sp:7fff9e3f3db0 error:0 in BIOS.so[15204f831000+3000]
[63286.054262] traps: envtype[38336] trap invalid opcode ip:151539e99796 sp:7ffd95d0fed0 error:0 in BIOS.so[151539e98000+3000]
[63889.550070] traps: envtype[38533] trap invalid opcode ip:14d0b7535796 sp:7fffba07e1e0 error:0 in BIOS.so[14d0b7534000+3000]
[64493.248125] traps: envtype[38750] trap invalid opcode ip:154bc48dd796 sp:7fff6946c390 error:0 in BIOS.so[154bc48dc000+3000]
[64759.404785] traps: envtype[38815] trap invalid opcode ip:1553ef488796 sp:7ffcb16c29a0 error:0 in BIOS.so[1553ef487000+3000]

Not sure what is going on there but this could not be normal, right?
Maybe someone could help me to sort this out or at least point me in a direction where to look at.