Does CPanel scale well- dynamic autoscaling in cloud at runtime


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Mar 30, 2012
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we're trying out "cloud" services from a couple of popular providers (not the very top enterprise ones) and I want to know if cpanel can scale or if there are issues with, for example:

1. dynamic addition and deletion of CPU cores
2. dynamic additions and deletion of RAM - 100% increase / 50% decrease - that kind of changes - at the end of peak hours everyday.

first 12 hours -- 1 cpu core + 2 GB RAM,
peak time = next 6 hours -- 2-3 cpu cores + 4GB RAM
last 6 hours = 2cpu + 2GB RAM
and then back to 1cpu/2GB for the next day.

There is CloudLinux I know, but it is not always available and I havent gotten around to using it due to its license requirements.

A couple of leading "cloud" promoters told me on chat that although they do support cpanel they have known it to have issues in scaling cores/RAM up/down.

Lastly, are there any known technical issues of cPanel with Rightscale?

I'd be grateful for any info or experience anyone might be having.
Thanks in advance,