Domain loads blank directory; there are files on the server. Happened after primary domain changed. Full explanation inside.


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Nov 7, 2003
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Okay, so I had created an account for one of my webdev clients, let's say it's I created an alias that was a subdomain of a dev domain I own, let's say that was, so I aliased Client developed WordPress site at, and of course the files reside at /home/user/public_html/ (because it's aliased).

When it came time to make the site "live", my client's client had registered a different domain. So instead of it now needs to be So before touching WordPress, I went into WHM and modified the account and changed its primary domain from to, and then edited my local hosts file to add "x.x.x.x". Soon as I did that, when I go to in private/incognito, I get an apache directory listing with no files:

And I also get the same thing when I go to the alias -

Before I modified the account in WHM, the WordPress installation was loading just fine at

I have since:

1. Rebooted the server
2. Created a new account "user2" with after re-modifying the original account back to its previous domain of
3. Verified the IP in my hosts file is the correct main IP of the server

When I go to, I get the same blank apache file listing. This after copying over all the files from /home/user/public_html to /home/user2/public_html and chowning (recursively) to user2:user2

WTF? The disease is somehow spreading!

What the heck can I check? Clearly *something* is wildly wrong. And now "user" and "user2" aren't working correctly.

Obviously the domains/users I've used are made up; I can give those details, but I don't think it's necessary, and cPanel IIRC usually prefers such details be obfuscated anyway.