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Mar 22, 2019
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Just registered and came here to complain how absurd this issue is for God sake, it was easier for me to learn how to setup LAMP stack and install Cpanel from SSH, with ZERO issues, then try to fix this issue, while using OFFICIAL Cpanel Droplet on DigitalOcean.:

cPanel & WHM
by cPanel, LLC
OS CentOS 7.6

Every single solution I tried on this post did not work, and this thread was started 10 years ago, cmon guys.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @iamangry,

Thank you for taking the time to report an issue with the cPanel & WHM image on the DigitalOcean Marketplace.

We recently received a similar report and determined it was related to an issue where the cPanel & WHM image on the DigitalOcean Marketplace incorrectly configures the main shared IP address with the one that we (cPanel) use to build the DigitalOcean image ( You can confirm if this is the case on your system by looking to see if this IP address appears in WHM >> Basic WebHost Manager Setup or by running the following command and looking for in the output:

grep ADDR /etc/wwwacct.conf
If you see, then you can browse to WHM >> Basic WebHost Manager Setup and replace it with the IPv4 address assigned to your DigitialOcean droplet (you can find the correct IP address for the droplet in the DigitalOcean Cloud management interface).

Then, browse to WHM >> List Accounts to see if any of the existing accounts were assigned the wrong IP address at account creation time. If so, use WHM >> Change Site's IP Address and switch the accounts from the wrong IP address to the correct one.

Once you do this, run the following command and clear your browser cache one more time to see if the issue persists:

Let me know if the issue persists after performing the above steps and I'll take a closer look to see what's happening.

Additionally, I want to point out an updated cPanel & WHM image with a fix for this issue is scheduled for publication to the DigitalOcean Marketplace in the next few days in order to prevent this from happening on new droplets in the future. I'll update this thread as soon as the new image is published.

Thank you.
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