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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @emcarpanezi1995,

You'd have to skip the RBLs for all domains except the one you want to enable them for. We document how to do this using WHM >> Exim Configuration Manager >> Advanced Editor on the link below:

Exim Configuration Manager - Version 78 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Here's the relevant section of the document:

To skip RBLs for specific domains, log in as the root user and use your preferred text editor to create and edit the /etc/skiprbldomains file.

  • Add the domains to the file, with one domain name per line.

  • After you create the /etc/skiprbldomains file, enable the skip_rbl_domains directive.
You can reference the /etc/localdomains file if you need an easy way to see a list of all domains configured to route their email through the cPanel server.

Thank you.