Dec 1, 2006

I searched and read couple of threads which are related to my question, but none of them actually comes to cover my question entirely.
I have a Typo3 v4 installation into / (the root of the website)
I know 400, 401, 403, 404 and 500 are in the root of the website. I know I can edit via cPanel. I tried to add and modify the root .htaccess file by adding rules to redirect all these to /index.php, but the site wont load quite correct. Content is missing. I mean it seems to that it is not loading fully, I mean it doesnt load everything somehow. If anyone have experience with Typo3 v4 and error redirection please share it.

So, I was wondering what do I put (which command) for redirection in cPanel editing section for error pages where I can add a code for each error page. Which code (command) do I write there to tell 400 to redirect to the www.domain.com ?