Jan 22, 2006

first of all im sorry for my bad english writing, its not my first langage. I hope you will be able to help me.

I<m locate in the Quebec province (canada) and the biggest ISP Videotron has install into their server a new spam filter ...

Now we getting :

Connecting to mx.videotron.ca []:25 from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ... connected
SMTP<< 452 try later

And the email is refuse by Videotron. If we change the outbound IP address in exim, Videotron is accepting our mail .... but for few hours only.

Our servers IP are not blacklisted on SORB, Spamcops, etc ... we are very clean.

The Videotron technical support told me we got blacklisted when our client forward their email to an videotron account. Videotron is 80% of the ISP Market here ... anyway its the reason why we got blacklisted fast from their server.

They told us they cannot help us more.

There is my question ...

Exim use the main IP address or if i has change the outbound IP the specify IP. Wat i would like to do is :

a server with 100 unique domain, with 100 unique ip, each domain has his own ip. When this person send and email, has a form on his site or do a forward the SENDER IP is the real sender IP not the MAIN EXIM IP ...

With that, if a client has too much forward or sending too much email to Videotron, only him will be blacklisted ... and the 99 others clients will be continue to be able to send email to Videotron ...

Its possible or someone knows how to send email per domain IP not with mail Exim IP ?

I really hope to get an answer and i hope my english was enough good :)




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Nov 13, 2003
my english also not good, but anyway your situation understandable.
I am sure, Videotron support give you wrong or only part of required information about their blacklisting strategy.
You should ask them which message headers they lock and then accrodingly deal as requred.
99% domain hosted on shared hosting and for this reason always use shared main ip and shared main email domain. So, if the Videotron really block emails from this great niche, they just a stupid :) But, i am sure that they not, so just try get from them more details.
Possible reason might be is - incorrect rdns, nonexist spf records, non exist sender emails and many many other reson, so you need know definately what they require.