SOLVED File Filters on the WHM scheduled backups (for *error.log, */backup*.tar.gz…)


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Sep 4, 2017
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Hello all,

We are several people here getting this kind of cPanel Alerts the nights when cPanel scheduled backups are running simultaneously compress and transport the archives on Amazon S3 :
[server.hostname] DISKWARN blocks : Mount Point “/” (123.456.789.10): 616.12 GB/879.11 GB - 75.16%
The filesystem “/” mounted at “/” reached “warn” status because you currently use 75.16% of its available blocks.
For my part, I get it on a weekly basis, because I've chosen Acronis for daily backup and WHM/S3 for weekly backups.

One solution to avoid the Disk Usage overload and these cPanel Alerts during WHM Backups could be…

1 - Sequential compression and transportation of the backups to S3.

1. compression (1 account)
2. transportation (1 account)
3. deletion of the local file of the account
…then, next cPanel account ! (again, and so on…)

I am pretty sure I already seen a cPanel Feature Request for Sequential Backups, but I cannot find it anymore.

Can someone remind me where can I vote for this feature ?

2 - Another very smart solution to lighten my weekly WHM => S3 Backups would be the File Filters !

It would be very nice to have the ability to exclude certain files form the cPanel Account Backups :

For example, I want to filter :
- the error.log files (could be huge)
- the local backup files */backup*.tar.gz (could be very old, we do not need to backup the backups)

Other Backup Softwares offer that kind of useful file filters (see the image attached below).


I wonder if there is a way in cPanel, with Command Lines and/or with a cPanel Config Files, to set these kind of file filters to exclude some unwanted files from the backups. I hope so ! :)

It would be very appreciate if you guys from the cPanel team could give us an official answer.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Thanks in advance!


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Feb 4, 2006
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