Finally forced into Jupiter, not a happy camper

Nathan Lyle

Jul 9, 2018
Toledo, Ohio
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Reseller Owner
With my latest server upgrades I'm finally stuck being forced to use the Jupiter theme. I am extremely unhappy with it. The icons are HORRIBLE. The options are extremely limited compared to what was available before. I'd customized my cPanel and was happy with the matching branding, but now am seeing I have to enable an API function and learn complicated commands to do the simplest of tweaks to Jupiter. Why can't the WHM have straight forward options for those customizations? For example, enabling or disabling the "welcome to jupiter" pop-up screen. I'm happy to see the external documentation (advertising) links don't appear to still be in place, but the left side menu has my logo, and two links in it, and then is a huge waste of space. I would be much less unhappy about the forced move, if it were easier to customize the appearance in a real way, without having to be a server admin level programmer. As a reseller, cPanel was for years a wonderful piece of software to rely on, and ever since it was purchased by it's big competitor, it's gone downhill in my opinion. It used to be a much more inclusive product.

I see there's still a function in WHM for uploading themes, so I'm assuming that a theme could be uploaded and used instead of Jupiter? Are there places to get themes, possibly one that could be first customized and then uploaded?


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I've made sure to pass along these concerns to our user interface team. As you've likely found, the only details on customizing Jupiter at this time are found here:

We're hoping to make that process easier for users in the future, but I don't have an easier method available currently. We also don't have any other themes available through cPanel to provide at this time.