Having issues with setting up servernames properly


Mar 27, 2020
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Hello, so let me explain to you my situation:

I have domain www.domain.co, and I've put in my domain register 8 server names, 4 by AWS and 4 by Eukhost.

I'm using AWS with ec2 instance in combination with docker-compose where I have Nginx, client,server, database, and one machine learning model ports.

However, I'm using Eukhost for my email which works perfectly with IP:port number and there I login successfully.

Since I have a contact form on my landing page which I connected with that email I had problems with getting mail through so I wanted that mail.gotobot.co connects to the IP address IP but now that has caused some bigger mixups.

Here are some issues I'm experiencing:

1) When I and many people that tested for me run "tracert DOMAIN_NAME", this usually happens, it doesn't connect or barely connects
2) Some people when they go on www.domain.co got redirected to my email page?
3) When I run a test on intodns.com - "Looks like your nameservers do not agree on the SOA serial. Ths SOA records as reported by your nameservers: "
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Nov 14, 2017

1. All nameservers assigned to a domain must point to the server. In this instance, it sounds like you've assigned the domain nameservers that both point to the server and where you're receiving mail.

2. For mail you only need to add an MX record where DNS is hosted that points to where you want to receive your mail. If you're creating something like mail.domain.com you will also need to add an A record for the domain you created that points to the IP address where mail is received.