Help with writing and reading files in other accounts on server with suPHP


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Sep 30, 2008

In WHM I have created a reseller account with an skeleton directory that is applied to all accounts created by the reseller. The skeleton directory contains a directory called "videos" (public_html/videos/). My server runs PHP5 with suPHP. The reseller account includes a domain which needs to be able to read and write files in the "videos" folder of the other cPanel accounts.

For example:

The reseller WHM account, named "master", has a domain of and owns another cPanel account named "second" which has a domain of Users will use a CMS installed at which will need to be able to upload files (via php post) to suPHP seems to be a hurdle and I cannot disable it because of other accounts on the server requiring the security it provides.

Any suggestions about how to implement this or alternate suggestions would be greatly appreciated.