Highly scalable cPanel installation - SaaS software product


Mar 25, 2019
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We are a Saas based software product development company and we make cloud-based web applications on PHP.

We are looking forward to hosting our application on cPanel and automate this deployment process.

Can anyone please share any documentation/tutorials on how to Deploy and use cPanel on Cloud and make it highly scalable.

Our plan:
  • Create a cPanel account for each customer
  • Host the copy of the application on the client's cPanel account
We will automate this account creation and deployment via API.

All we want to know and try is if we can scale up cPanel server based on load. So incase our no of customers are increasing we can use load balancer or scale up the servers.

Thank You.


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @bhanu2217

You can definitely install cPanel on scalable servers but the scalability of the server itself wouldn't impact cPanel nor would anything associated with that be managed by cPanel. The scalability of a server is based on the platform/usage of its platform so any of those questions would need to most likely be geared toward the provider you're looking at. We offer cPanel installs on with a number of providers. We have a list of hyperscaler partners here: Hyperscalers | cPanel


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Jan 18, 2013
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If you wish to provision a number of different accounts with your software deployed on it. cPanel can scale well on that. if you wish to use a load balancer and scale-out the same Cpanel account deployed on multiple servers, you will need to copy the account files and databases to multiple servers and ensure they are in a synchronized state.