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Feb 17, 2015
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I had a hacked website and during the remediation of the hacked files a command was run which removed the entire HOME directory.

see command it shows a SPACE after home/
rm -rfv /home/ thedirectoryname/.trash/*

The HOME directory is now restored from R1 backup.
Cpanel web interface is down/will not display, getting a message cannot connect.

All websites are displaying and working, but we are having issues with services not coming back. SSH is not operational and we cannot get into the server terminal. We are getting emails every 20 minutes about services being down on the server like (ftp, exim, cpsrv) .

all wordpress Sites are operational at 90%, sites are not able to update files, themes, plugins showing a package and temp dir not available. we think this is due to cpanel being down or possible permissions. Will deleting the home directory stop cpanel from working and shut off ssh and other services?

If the home directory is restored now can I reboot this machine to get ssh back? is this expected to have services stop and ssh to stop allowing connections when the entire home is removed?

My concern is rebooting this machine and knowing if it will come backup or not. I need to be sure it will come backup, any comments on that?

i cannot even create a support ticket because I cannot get into cpanel to get my access ID? what options do I have there?
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! It's possible the server is compromised in other areas as well. You can always email [email protected] to start a request with our Customer Service team, and they will be able to create a ticket and forward that to Technical Support.

In this case, though, there likely isn't much that cPanel will be able to do, but we can at least advise about what we see on our end.