SOLVED How can I use DNSSEC as part of DNS clustering?


Oct 8, 2019
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Hi all,

I know DNSSEC is not yet available in a cluster.

Now I am wondering if the following will work (and forgive me if its a n00b idea ;) ) :

Usually our cPanel clients are created on the server and automatically use the WHM/cPanel DNS cluster. That means we can't enable DNSSEC for these clients.
We also have a third party DNS provider that does supports DNSSEC.

Will it work when I:
1. create a client account in cPanel
2. add the client's domain to the third party DNS provider (ofc root NS points to the third party DNS)
3. enable DNSSEC in the third party DNS, and
4. create A records pointing directly to the cPanel server, so essentially bypassing cPanel's DNS ?

Or does cPanel require the use of it's own DNS ?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Foellie,

I'm happy to report cPanel & WHM version 84 includes support for DNSSEC with DNS Clusters when using PowerDNS. We'll have a blog post published with more details in the very near future, and I'll update this thread with the link to the blog post once it's published. You can find more information on cPanel & WHM version 84 at:

Thank you.