SOLVED how does spamassasin integrate with exim

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Jan 23, 2018
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I am reading the documentation of spamassasin and it clearly says

What Apache SpamAssassin Is Not

Apache SpamAssassin is not a program to delete spam, route spam and ham to
separate mailboxes or folders, or send bounces when you receive spam.
Those are mail routing functions, and Apache SpamAssassin is not a mail
router. Apache SpamAssassin is a mail filter or classifier. It will examine
each message presented to it, and assign a score indicating the
likelihood that the mail is spam. An external program must then
examine this score and do any routing the user wants done. There are
many programs that will easily perform these functions after examining
the score assigned by Apache SpamAssassin.
So my question is: what happens after the message is given a spam-score by spamassasin in WHM, to which process is the message along its score is fed to? which process (program) does the routing?
(long story short, I want to chain the output from spamassasin to another process my OWN AI-filter, then fed the AI's output into the msg-router).

also what is the difference between settings in 1 and 3 in the image below as we as the difference between the settings 2 and 4:




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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! We let Exim itself handle the actual filtering, as SpamAssassin is configured as a "milter" within Exim:

Exim sees the score, adds the appropriate header, and that's how the message is handled.

For the 1 vs 3 option, the first would affect all mail delivered, while 3 only affects external recipients. 3 gives additional control to the server admin, and gives the option to let the external users see the spam or not. The same is true for 2 vs 4.

Let me know if that helps!
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