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Jan 19, 2005
I want to stop Cpanel notifications from Contact Manager.
i use a monitoring system and i want to stop these mails that i don´t look.

Any way to do ?



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Jan 22, 2005
The most obvious solution I can think of is:

1. In cPanel, create a forwarder on a domain you control to foward email for [email protected] to :blackhole:

2. In WHM >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup, specify the 'Server Contact E-Mail Address' as [email protected]

3. In WHM >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager, check the 'Alert Type Assignment' level for 'Email' (the default is three, but perhaps this has since changed).

4. Still in WHM >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager, set the 'Alert Priority Assignment' to the level matching that for 'Email' for all alert types that you don't want to receive. You might want to do this for all alert types, or just for a selection that you find particularly annoying.

When a relevant alert is then sent out by cPanel, it will go to the email address you specified in step 2 and, due to the forwarder you created in step 1, will disappear nicely never to be seen again.

This is assuming that :blackhole: is the correct assignment for creating a forwarder that effectively 'vanishes' email for the given email address. I could well be wrong about this, but the principle still applies. Feel free to correct any minor inaccuracies!