In a website migration how should emails be handled?


Oct 18, 2021
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So I need to upgrade an OpenCart website to an OpenCart 3 website and doing so requires migrating files and data of the website from its current server to a new one. Once the upgraded version of the website has all of the files and data transferred from the old website I will finish the upgrading process by setting the domain of the old website to the new website.

All of the emails associated with the domain were setup by someone else in such a way that the email users can sign in with Gmail and do everything with the email accounts from there. I think an admin email was created in Gmail and from there every member of the organization had an email created for them. So for example there is an email called "[email protected]" and whenever I need to check the inbox for [email protected] I can login with Gmail and send reply to emails there. I would also need to be able to setup my OpenCart settings to send emails through SMTP.

So if I need my emails to stay this way how would it be done in a migration process like this?

Handssler Lopez

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Apr 30, 2019
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It seems that you are using the Google Workspace service for the mail service, this means that all emails are stored and managed on google servers, so you only have to configure the mx records so that they call the google servers and the mail continues to work correctly ** always through Gmail **

If you want to migrate from Gmail to cPanel then you must first download everything you need (calendars, emails, important information). You can do this using the Google Take Out service.

** Each account is exported individually **

I hope I have helped you, any questions we are all here to support you!
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